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We suspect that you prefer to hear about these kinds of flesh-and-blood projects and relationships, though take a look also at the full range of projects that are a good fit for us including a select group that take special advantage of our experience (our "Sweet Spots") in our streamlined practice setting. Note also our geographic coverage, with a particular competitive advantage for emerging markets in Asia and elsewhere yet including most major commercial centers.

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Our geographic coverage – emerging markets and beyond >>


Multi-Country Contracts and Commercial Matters

Advised an Asia-based global electronics giant on product legal risk issues, including multi-country limitation of liability and warranty strategies

Represented a worldwide licensor and distributor of digital images in creating licensing and distribution agreements for worldwide use, including through web-based terms, taking into account risk-limiting strategies for licensing and agency/distribution laws in Europe, Asia, Latin America and beyond

Represented a division of a multinational telecommunications equipment and infrastructure company in worldwide corporate and commercial matters including joint venture issues in Latin America, corporate structuring in the Middle East and joint venture sale/leaseback advice in Asia

Examples of some of our other multi-country contracts projects are noted in our Global Contracts Solution Case Studies


Distribution and Supply

Represented a leading online distribution company (Corbis Corporation - the Bill Gates-owned provider of digital and analog images) in strategic and day-to-day input for consolidation and wind-down of representative and other relationships in more than 30 countries, including by applying local protective legislation and judicial practices, providing input on written and oral communications, resolving threatened litigation and arbitration and managing disputes in multiple countries

Partnered with a well-known consumer products company to assess the quality of an existing international distribution agreement, recommend changes to create a best-practice international master template and then assist over a period of 4 years in “localizing” the template for use in 25 + countries with a large number of distributors in the Mideast, Asia-Pacific, Latin and Central America and Europe

Advised a division of a leading telecommunications company on preliminary issues in an equipment and services supply arrangement in India

Advised an iconic consumer appliance company on cross-border product distribution issues in Asia, including agency and distribution laws, electronics regulations and import approvals

Represented a US steel products company in the structuring and documenting of a distribution arrangement in China

Inbound into the United States and United States Activities:

Advised European and Asian companies on U.S. supply agreement arrangements (including for a German supplier to DaimlerChrysler) and distribution arrangements

Represented a US metal products supplier to the construction industry on a multi-million dollar long-term take-or-pay supply agreement


Joint Ventures and Acquisitions

International Counsel’s awards in recent years have included “Cross Border M&A Deal of the Year” (Global M&A Network, 2017 M&A Atlas Americas Middle Markets Awards) and “Best for Joint Ventures, Illinois” (Acquisitions International, a UK M&A publication, 2014) 

Represented a sporting goods specialty retailer in a Japan joint venture structure, documentation and negotiations with a leading Japanese retailer

Represented a book supply specialty retailer in a Japan joint venture structure, documentation and negotiations with a Japanese book retailer

Advised a U.S. publicly-traded transportation infrastructure and defense company in the structuring of an acquisition of its outsourced software operations in India

Represented a U.S. software company in the sale of its Indian subsidiary to a another US software company

Represented a Korea-based investment bank in the structuring, documentation and negotiation of the sale of a minority interest to a leading Japanese commercial bank and in numerous deal advisory matters in the U.S. and Asia

Represented a division of a telecommunications company in the financing of joint venture operations in a Baltic country through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) as well as a leading regional commercial bank

Inbound into the United States and United States Activities:

Advised an Indian public entity in a US $40 million stock acquisition of a US vehicle components manufacturer from a European private equity firm in an auction process, including due diligence, and an International Counsel team that included employee benefits, commercial loan documentation, and additional environmental expertise    

Represented a leading US hospital providing rehabilitation and senior living services along with its international project structuring partner in joint venture negotiations to create a vehicle for providing health care services in China

Represented an Indian publicly-traded publishing and printing company in its acquisition of convertible preferred shares in a US target company

Representing investors from Asia in the restructuring of a US corporation and related limited liability companies (LLCs), including revisions to corporate governance documents, real estate and contract matters related to a stock purchase agreement and corporate, real estate and environmental due diligence on US target company

Advised a Brazilian manufacturer in its joint venture with a U.S. distribution company- including joint venture documentation and market-entry issues


Cross-Border Market Entry – Structuring and Entity Alternatives

International Counsel’s awards in recent years have included Most Outstanding for Market Entry Strategies and Structures” (Corporate America News, Business Awards, 2016) andBest for Market Entry Strategies and Structures” (Corporate America Legal Elite, 2015)

Advised a U.S. plastics development company on options for holding equity interests in the Middle East and India, including through the use of intermediate holding companies in tax-efficient jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Advised a fast-growing U.S. auto components company in establishing a presence in Korea, including advice on market-entry alternatives through a subsidiary, branch or representative office; liability, tax and relative costs/benefits; and the establishment of the chosen vehicle

Advised a U.S. audio/visual equipment provider in establishing a Southeast Asia headquarters, including structuring options and tax consequences through Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

Represented a U.S. software company in the structuring and implementation of its Indian subsidiaries

Inbound into the United States:

Advised a Chinese steel producer and commodity trading company on alternatives for entering the commodity trading business in the US, including regulatory issues, the establishment of a US presence and the transfer of key personnel from China to the US

Advised European and Asian companies on U.S. entity establishment options

Regulatory and Special Projects

Advised a Chinese investor on the merits and potential impact of a significant US patent and trade secret litigation brought against a Chinese company by a leading U.S. semiconductor company

Represented an Indian trading and real estate company on a strategy for negotiating with a U.S. Fortune 100 company whose Indian subsidiary was allegedly injuring the Indian company’s business interests


Outsourcing of Software and Services

Represented a health care software and teleradiology company in the contractual aspects of its Indian software outsourcing operations and the operation of its India-based teleradiology business

Advised a U.S. publicly-traded transportation infrastructure and defense company on aspects of transitioning its outsourced software operations in India


eCommerce and Web Site Compliance

International Counsel’s awards in recent years have included “Excellence in e-Commerce Law – Illinois” (Corporate Insider, 2019 Business Excellence Awards), “Lawyer of the Year- eCommerce” (LawyerIssue, 2017) and “Excellence in e-Commerce Law” (Corporate LiveWire, 2015)

Advised a U.S. online travel services provider on the online and e-commerce legal and regulatory issues that require adjustment of terms and conditions and regulatory compliance in Asia, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere

Represented a digital image distribution company in creating enforceable contract terms which integrate paper and online components

Advised a U.S. and Hong Kong-based publicly-traded Internet and
e-commerce infrastructure company
on online and e-commerce legal and compliance issues faced by it and its customers


International Trade and Customs, Export Control, Cybersecurity and Defense

Advised U.S. software developers and manufacturers on U.S. laws governing cross-border trade in goods and services, including export licensing and control issues (such as “deemed export” issues when employing non-U.S. persons) and import regulations (including U.S. Customs investigation issues)

Represented a provider of defense services and custom-designed components on International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR, a United States regulatory regime to restrict and control the export of defense and military related technologies to safeguard U.S. national security), and employee/contractor/cybersecurity obligations

U.S. Government Contracts in an International Setting

Advised U.S. software developers and manufacturers on contracting and subcontracting issues related to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulations System regarding government procurement in the U.S., including the negotiation of appropriate flow-down clauses for contracts and subcontracts, distinguishing commercial from non-commercial procurement issues and separate regulations governing each, and related security, compliance and contracting standards



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