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Cross-Border and U.S. Legal Services

The foundation of our practice is our experience with international business transactions and cross-border investment, as well as US corporate and commercial matters, built on the kind of credentials from leading educational and corporate institutions that the business world expects from its senior advisors.

Our track record over the 20+ years of our existence speaks volumes for the level of trust we have gained from major name-brand enterprises as well as respected emerging and mid-market companies. Examples of our client relationships and projects >>

We are pleased that our clients are letting others know about us -- for example, in late 2017, International Counsel was a proud award winner in the category of Cross Border M&A Deal of the Year for our work on behalf of Suprajit Engineering Limited of Bangalore, India, in its U.S. acquisition of Wescon Controls from the U.K.'s Nova Capital.(Global M&A Network, 2017 M&A Atlas Americas Middle Markets Awards). In 2014, International Counsel was recognized as "Best for Joint Ventures, Illinois" by the UK M&A publication, Acquisitions International. The award, based partly on client feedback, is for one of the most complex areas of international practice - the joint venture - and recipients in other categories include White & Case and Grant Thornton (2014) as well as Kirkland & Ellis (2012).

As many companies continue their expansion into new countries, including through increased acquisition activity, these are our client focus areas:

  • A “General Counsel” for International Growth: An experienced cross-border legal counsel to supplement the experience of a client’s general counsel and other legal team members, or to have us work directly with the CEO, CFO or director of business development.
  • A Global Contracts Special Counsel: Generally geared for larger companies with multiple worldwide contracts, we offer a cost-effective way to create a best practice cross-border contract template which we then adjust for multiple countries. See our Global Contracts Solution.

  • A Global Entities Special Counsel: Companies with multiple entities established outside of their home countries - or even with a single company abroad - face legal risk containment issues at the establishment, operation and dissolution/restructuring stages.
  • A Cost-Effective Interim Counsel for US Domestic or International Legal Matters: For those that need to fill team needs on an interim basis, both for US domestic and cross-border matters. We are a law firm that can directly practice law, and our fees offer great value when compared with other law firms, and even when compared with interim legal service providers that are not law firms but broker "temporary" legal support.


Delivering Legal Services More Efficiently, Less Expensively and More Transparently - Pioneering Ways of Doing Things Differently

We now find ourselves in the midst of a changed legal profession that embraces many of the very attributes that were looked upon as something radical circa 1996.

Many now claim the ability to provide sophisticated legal services in a low-overhead and “virtual” environment, offer interim legal services in new ways, and design systems for streamlining the delivery of legal services.

We are proud to have been an early leader in this trend, yet with a distinctive focus on ways to emulate in-house best practices in a cross-border environment. Beyond the promise that alternative practice models can hold, we can point to a hard-won succession of projects and clients that have enabled us to hone processes and methodologies for working with our clients, colleagues and foreign local counsel. Low overhead and reduced rates are only the start - how can a firm like ours best add value to our clients through processes and methodologies that capture our collective experience on time and on budget, and without the enormous overhead of worldwide bricks-and-mortar offices?


Why International Counsel?

There is no value in “cost-effectiveness” unless it is backed by real substance. Experience with our clients and colleagues at other law firms has consistently demonstrated to us that we have an international experience base that is very hard to match outside of large law firms. Yet, ours resides in the personal multi-country experience of each of our senior team members, not the kind of large firm fragmented experience that is spread across numerous lawyers in numerous offices.

Our experience can also assist companies entering the US and US law firms in need of cross-border legal support:

>> For Companies Entering the US: A Cost-Effective Alternative

>> For US Law Firms: How We Can Support You & Your Clients


Why International Counsel? >>



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