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Counsel Secondment
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Counsel Secondment – Team Feedback Process

As part of our formalized team feedback process, at least one of our other senior lawyers has a telephone or face-to-face conference with our seconded member at least once per week on the issues and activities faced by the client company

Such a conference must also take place when, for example, an issue arises which is related to

  1. market entry structure and options
  2. cross-border taxation
  3. setting the terms of a relationship with foreign counsel, and
  4. agreement terms involving limitation of liability, warranty, dispute resolution and governing law

One concrete value of our team approach lies in our collective experiences in developing our “toolkit” of key cross-border issues, as supplemented by on-the-ground input in target countries

Each of us has an outstanding range of experiences with several foreign lawyers in each of several countries. Importantly, we believe that success comes not from knowing the name of a foreign lawyer or law firm but in understanding how to work with him or her to extract the needed information at a cost-effective rate



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