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Global Contracts Initiative
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Combining Our Cost-Effective Contract Review with Even Greater Team-Based Cost Savings

Our global contracts initiative includes two elements:

  • Using InternationalCounsel’s capabilities, to review and adjust global contracts such as distribution agreements and product terms and conditions to be sure that these limit risks in multiple countries and are enforceable
  • Using the capabilities of our team-based managed services relationships, to assist in creating a set of adjusted contracts for each client, including by offering a contract management system that allows for quick access and monitoring of contract milestones, termination date and terms and dispute resolution provisions.


Significant Cost Savings

  • Our global contracts initiative offers even greater cost-effectiveness than can be achieved through InternationalCounsel’s already low rates and can add another level of efficiency and convenience through software that manages the contracts
  • The client cost savings come not only through a low-cost way to review and convert global contracts – failed and unenforceable agreements, as well as missed contract milestones or renewal deadlines, can be very costly


Our Team Advantage

The “global law firm” model of delivering legal services can in theory assist companies with the review and tailoring of their cross-border agreements, though such firms are optimized to handle one-off large deals that require large teams and can benefit from the integration of “bricks and mortar” offices with very high overhead.

To offer an alternative, David Laverty and his colleagues have had a special affinity for working with legal and legal support resources outside of the United States. With a foundation at a local law firm in Korea in the late 1980’s, David’s work has since involved cost-effective ways to integrate law and practice in emerging as well as devleoped economies and their legal systems, Work with leading team-based managed services organizations is a natural extension of such work to bring greater value even for projects that are US or single-country focused.


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