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Our Work for Other US Law Firms

Cost-Effective International Back-Up Support

To Our Colleagues in Other US Law Firms

Re:  Can Our Cost-Effective International Legal Support Help You Retain and Expand Business?

Dear Colleague:

We thought we would reach out through this open letter due to the potential opportunities for us to collaborate on client work with our peers in other law firms. Our international legal practice has been finding that small and mid-sized law firms are increasingly asked to assist their clients with corporate and commercial legal issues in other countries. 

Such international support is also becoming more important in landing new client relationships. Even companies currently focused on the US domestic market may prefer to work with a firm if it can demonstrate enhanced international capabilities that can be tapped when the time is right.

Your firm may be positioned to land additional work as companies find ways to save costs by moving some projects from larger and more expensive firms to firms that are more cost-effective.
We can provide you with back-up support for client issues outside of the US at costs that are much lower than those of larger law firms and more in line with your own cost structure.

As a large firm partner emphasized to me in late 2008, a small or mid-sized law firm might be a lot more comfortable turning to our practice for cross-border support given that we are not also competing for clients’ US domestic business.

Our web site offers a summary of our backgrounds and track record for smaller companies as well as multinational companies. Since our practice was founded in the mid-1990s, we have focused on the kinds of foreign market entry and corporate and commercial projects that are at the core of the international expansion needs of expanding companies as well as those that may need to restructure their operations.

Feel free to call me at 312 575 0601 or send an e-mail to laverty@internationalcounsel.com



David A. Laverty



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