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Doing Business in the U.S.
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A Cost-Effective U.S. Legal Team

Including Acquiring U.S. Assets and Collecting US Amounts Owed in Challenging Times


What Do We Offer to Companies Entering the United States?

Many of our clients are companies doing business in the United States that need a team of U.S. lawyers for projects with a limited budget. Such companies turn to us when a large law firm will be too expensive yet the project requires a team of sophisticated U.S. lawyers

Unlike many smaller U.S. legal teams, we have a long history of working with cross-border legal issues and the needs of foreign companies entering the complicated U.S. legal environment. Our base in Chicago enables us to assist with matters throughout the U.S.


U.S. Market Entry and Transactions – What Types of Projects?

We devote our attention and senior resources to the kinds of day-to-day cross-border transactions that form the core of most companies’ U.S. work, including projects of limited size

  • Stock and Asset Acquisitions
  • Entity Selection and Establishment
  • Licensing, Distribution and Other Agreements
  • U.S. Regulatory Compliance
  • Product Risk and Warranties
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • U.S. Customs and Import/Export Issues
  • U.S. Dispute Resolution

In addition to US commercial agreement and regulatory matters, our work has included counsel on cost-effective ways to enter the U.S. market with an emphasis on limiting risk and litigation exposure. The establishment of U.S. corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other entity strategies are part of such projects. Our work has included outsourcing and investments related to India and market entry matters for Chinese companies.


Foreign Law Firms and Our Expanding U.S. Counsel Role

Since its founding in the mid-1990s, InternationalCounsel has retained many law firms in Asia, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere as local counsel for the direct investment and transactions work of U.S. clients

We have increasingly been asked by foreign law firms to act as U.S. counsel for client work coming into the United States. Our cross-border experience has better enabled us to understand the expectations of companies entering the U.S. market and their preferred forms of entity, agreement structures, dispute resolution and methods of working with legal counsel


Cost-Effective Legal Assistance in Challenging Times

Investment in US Troubled Companies

Including ways to minimize legal risk and purchase assets through the US bankruptcy process. We have assembled a team which includes US bankruptcy support to handle such matters for non-US companies.

For an overview of some of these issues, click the following for our January, 2009 article on key issues for Indian buyers which equally impact buyers from other countries. Capturing Opportunity and Controlling Legal Risk: India’s Outbound Deals in Challenging Times

US Litigation and Recovery of Amounts Owed, Including Through the US Bankruptcy Process

Our extended team can help you recover what is owed to you.


Our Work for Companies Entering the U.S. has Included:

A publicly-listed Indian company’s convertible preferred share purchase in a U.S. private company - including advice on the share purchase agreement, investor rights issues and related documents

A leading Chinese steel producer and commodity trading company’s alternatives for entering the commodity trading business in the U.S. - including regulatory issues, the establishment of a US presence and the transfer of key personnel from China to the US

A German automotive supplier’s U.S. parts supply to a U.S. manufacturer - including product risk issues, indemnifications, warranties and dispute resolution issues

A leading Korean consumer electronics company’s North American product distribution issues - product legal risk analysis including warranties, limits of liability and labeling

A Brazilian manufacturer’s joint venture with a U.S. distribution company- including joint venture documentation and market-entry issues

Companies facing U.S. import issues when bringing their products into the U.S. - including classification, valuation and other U.S. customs compliance challenge



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