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Why International Counsel?

We Deliver the Core Legal Skills for Cross-Border Transactions and Market Entry. Both our in-house and overseas experience have honed our capabilities in structuring, negotiating and documenting international business transactions as well as in applying local and foreign laws governing cross-border trade and investment. Such experience has also made us more effective counsel for US corporate and commercial projects where the only borders crossed are those that separate cities and states.

We devote our best energies and senior resources to the kinds of day-to-day cross-border transactions that form the core of most companies' domestic and international work, including acquisitions (whether of 100% or minority interests and with a focus on private companies), joint ventures, manufacturing and supply-chain arrangements, agency, distribution and license agreements and licenses, as well as market entry through subsidiaries, branches and liaison offices. Click here for more projects that are a good fit for us >>

A Sophisticated Cross-Border Toolkit, Used by Our Senior International Generalists. We believe that such core legal needs for cross-border transactions and market entry require a sophisticated toolkit of cross-border skills (ranging from key agreement terms to market entry principles) that can be applied across most common and civil law countries throughout the world.

No doubt, in-depth expertise in the law of the target country is important. Yet, key issues in the toolkit surface consistently across all markets and these are a company's important risk-limiting and revenue-producing deal points. Our experience covers many countries and we update what we need from our proprietary and external resources, including our on-the-ground network.

The tier of law firms outside of the “global law firms” have flocked in large numbers to memberships in the numerous “world law networks.” We are fortunate to have built multiple local counsel relationships in many major markets and do not believe in a one-law-firm-fits-all approach. Our “special sauce” is not in happening to know large numbers of local counsel in multiple countries – that is a given. We instead can point to personal hands-on work experience with a very large number of projects in a very large number of countries

India, Brazil and China  – Examples of Our Country Capabilities. For example, we bring together our skills in handling international business transactions and applying foreign law by offering our clients an experienced legal team for India, Brazil and China. This includes assistance for US investors entering India, Brazil and China as well as US market entry issues for companies from those countries.

Our Cross-Border Mission.   Major international companies, the most sophisticated users of international legal services, employ in-house attorneys to take charge of the legal aspects of domestic and international projects.

Our mission is to offer the advantages of the in-house counsel role to both emerging international companies for which a full-time legal team member would not be practical as well as substantial international institutions in need of a supplement to their highly-experienced internal resources.


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