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Our Team Approach and Advisory Council

For large-volume multi-country contracts solutions, our Global Contracts Solution uses teams of contract reviewers to create templates and then “localize” versions of the templates in conformance with in-country laws and practices

  • These contract reviewers use contract creation and review software tools that have been customized for use in our international settings
  • The software tools reflect our cross-border methodologies and input from our foreign counsel resources that allow us to use capable contracts attorneys at reasonable rates

Our integrated legal solutions team is powered by International Counsel’s methodologies and backed by formalized relationships with foreign counsel in key jurisdictions – chosen from among leading local firms for their subject matter expertise, not as general network members


Global Contracts - Advisory Council

Though International Counsel has a track record over 20+ years in providing multi-country solutions to our clients, our Global Contracts Solution is transforming these solutions into a growing number of client opportunities requiring large-volume contracts solutions. To help us achieve our expansion objectives, we are fortunate to be able to work with an Advisory Council having deep and varied global contracts backgrounds, including with the market for cross-border contract solutions, client opportunities, cost and pricing, and the expansion needs of software-backed service solutions outside of traditional law firm models. Importantly, International Counsel has longstanding relationships with most of our Advisory Council members, including in live global contracts client service delivery settings.



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