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Our Benefits - Driven By Efficient Methodologies

Key Drivers of Our Solution – Efficient Methodologies Through an Integrated, Multi-Country Team

Efficient Contracting Methodologies, Not Just Lower Fees and Overhead. Beyond our low overhead and fee basis, we have developed methodologies that enable us to understand and resolve the 10 – 15 key issues in cross-border agency/distribution contracts and other forms of global contracts that diverge depending on the target country but that leverage from the same core contract risk and enforceability issues that are repeated across countries. Issues that are not part of the day-to-day practices of primarily domestic lawyers in their own countries, such as arbitration as a dispute resolution tool and foreign corrupt practices clauses, and with a special focus on assessing local laws that may override contract provisions.

When these issues are understood, substantial time and effort is saved both by avoiding inefficiencies in looking at each contract as though it may face a unique set of legal variants in the mysterious unknown of each new country, and by limiting what needs to be updated or confirmed in each country.

Our solution translates into cost reductions far beyond a lower hourly rate, with savings of 50% or greater as compared to global law firms or even as compared with operating through a company's domestic counsel (and their international legal networks).

When Combined with Software Tools to Efficiently Process and Modify Large-Volume International Contracts Matters, the Savings Can Be Even Greater

Our global contracts initiative offers even greater cost-effectiveness than can be achieved through International Counsel’s already low rates and can add another level of efficiency and convenience through software that processes and manages the contracts, based on our datasets of local law and clause variations for multiple countries, regularly updated through our foreign counsel resources.

The client cost savings come not only through a low-cost way to review and convert global contracts – failed and unenforceable agreements, as well as missed contract milestones or renewal deadlines, can be very costly.


An Integrated Global Contracts Solution, Not Another Global Law Firm or Legal Network

Our solution does not offer fragmented expertise spread over multiple offices. It is a comprehensive legal solution acting more like an integrated international law department – solving cross-border contracts issues through a single International Counsel point of contact, billing and implementation for worldwide contracts needs.

On-the-ground, multi-country legal input is integrated into our global contract solutions, not as yet another law firm office in a foreign jurisdiction, but as our tested and well-regarded experts in just the kinds of global contract issues that we are addressing, cultivated over our many years of working relationships, and able to add just the right limited input as needed.



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