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Managed Services Team Support – Adding Value to Clients Through Cost-Effective Teams

Since our founding in the mid-1990s, International Counsel has been a pioneer in providing sophisticated yet cost-effective international legal support modeled on the best in-house international teams, not on traditional full-service law firms

Our approach is a natural fit for the brand of cost efficiency that can be achieved through the design of processes that can harness less-expensive legal support for more routine aspects of projects to the management and oversight of our senior-level lawyers, reporting ultimately to our clients’ in-house lawyers. Our years of know-how in extracting the best information for the lowest cost from scores of foreign lawyers, coupled with our work with leading legal services providers such as Counsel On Call (now part of Consilio), Huron Legal and Axiom Global, has put us in an ideal position to expand our capabilities through managed services teams of lawyers.


A Marriage of “Law” + “Process”

Many aspects of large-volume projects for the creation and management of contracts and entities, as well as many compliance and regulatory matters, can best be handled by junior lawyers and capable paralegals, yet with smart processes in place, sophisticated templates and systems for escalating issues to the right level of expertise as needed. When capably designed and supervised, not all aspects of such work require the highest levels of judgment and experience.

With processes designed by International Counsel in collaboration with our clients’ in-house teams, contracts can be assembled and reviewed according to well-engineered processes and documents can be analyzed through decision-tree approaches, with special-case issues escalated to supervisors and ultimately to experienced US lawyers on our team or yours.


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